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With an exciting revised curriculum highlighting the importance of the global economy in real estate, second year Baker students participated in the first intercontinental real estate trek from December 19-22, 2016. For this inaugural intercontinental trek, students visited Seoul, South Korea. On the evening of December 18, 2016, Baker students were hosted by the Alumni Association of the Baker Program in Real Estate - Seoul, South Korea chapter at Spark Plus Yeoksam. The keynote speakers from the organization included Chaewook Im ‘05, Executive VP of Genstar, and Sungmok Ryu ’01, CEO of Hwasung ENC, who spoke of their fondness for the program’s history and future. They reminisced on their time with previous Program Director, Brad Olson, whose inspiring remarks followed. Brad spoke of the genuine relationships he developed with the Korean alumni, and his desire to solidify the connection between Ithaca and Seoul.


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