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Managers’ ability to listen to employees and colleagues is an essential skill for developing a strong, successful service culture in their hospitality operation. By improving their own listening skills, managers can create a “listening environment” within their organization. One problem in this scenario is that most managers believe that their listening skills are better than they really are—as judged by their employees. Effective listening involves a set of related skills, and managers can improve those listening skills once they determine where their weaknesses lie. This tool explains the HURIER framework for analyzing listening effectiveness. HURIER is an acronym for hearing, understanding, remembering, interpreting, evaluating, and responding. Each of those six interrelated skills contributes to effective listening. The tool includes a self-assessment questionnaire that allows a manager to see which of those skills needs work. It also provides a second, companion questionnaire that enables a peer or employee evaluation of the manager’s listening skills. Comparing those assessments is the first step in developing the effective listening skills that will help create a successful and effective service culture.


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