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Version 3 of the Wine Cellar Management Tool incorporates six years of experience in using this spreadsheet-based application, which is designed to assist a wine owner in tracking the status of bottles being cellared. By keeping track of a wine’s drinkability window, the tool provides the wine owner with the information needed to promote, open, or continue to store wines in a collection. Version 3 adds functionality and fixes bugs in the first two releases of this tool, also making it easier to use by allowing one to focus on a specific category of wine and improving decision support. Use of earlier versions of this tool has shown that if one is disciplined about recording the inflows and outflows to and from the cellar, there are a large number of cellar analytics that are interesting and informative, and that can be used to help guide cellar management decisions, such as what to consume or what to promote.


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Additional instructions on the use of this spreadsheet, please see the CHR Report entitled "Managing a Wine Cellar using a Spreadsheet", by Gary M. Thompson.

Replaces version 3, 02/2016.

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Wine Cellar Management Tool-BLANK, rev 4-4-16

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