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Restaurant guests seem enthusiastically ready to adopt customer facing payment technologies, at least in casual restaurants, according to this study of the views of 1,297 U.S. consumers. Three sub-samples of consumers rated table-top tablets, smartphones, and traditional check settlement against eight measurement constructs. The constructs were accuracy, control of pacing, convenience, efficiency, experience quality, future spending intentions, privacy, and satisfaction with the payment method. In all eight constructs, paying with technology was rated significantly higher than the traditional settlement approach. For all but efficiency, the respondents’ ratings were no different for smartphones and table-top tablets, but the tablets were rated as significantly more efficient than smartphones. While these ratings may be different for other restaurant segments (or other countries’ consumers), it appears that restaurant operators do not have to be concerned about guests’ acceptance of customer payment technologies. In fact, given increasing privacy concerns, some guests may greatly appreciate the control and privacy that they gain by being able to use payment technologies.


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