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Service innovation involves not only new ideas, but novel turns on existing concepts. Many innovations use the latest technology, but innovation does not require new technology, just new thinking. Regardless of the source of an innovation, the goal is to improve operations, guest service, and revenues. The ten innovators presented here are as follows: Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality, which has developed a sustainable management platform, starting in Costa Rica; Chic & Basic, which has developed hostels in Spain that feature hip design and unusual amenities; Jet Blue, which has adapted the net promoter scale, a customer measure, to its employees; Jumeirah Essex House, which hired a curator to work with the New York arts community to create an Artist in Residence program; The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, which has built an upgraded training program using its core company values; Runtriz, which has used a wifi-enabled touch screen application to allow guests to efficiently acquire upscale hotel services, Boston’s Seaport Hotel, which has parlayed its harbor side location into a full-blown sustainability program; Thayer Lodging, which has implemented Pure Air guest rooms and meeting rooms, not only for guest comfort but for improved meeting results; Trip Television, which has wedded internet video technology with guest-focused information applications; and Xsense Experiential Design Consulting, which helps improve new properties by helping developers connect with the culture and history of their site.


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