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Two keys to profitable operation are ensuring that customers have a memorable experience and developing a relationship that matches their needs. Meeting at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, experts in experience management from industry and academe focused on ways to improve customers’ experience in a way that makes it memorable, with a goal of fostering a mutually beneficial lasting relationship. Focusing on the elements of the relationship between consumers and their favorite brands, participants in the experience management roundtable considered the most effective approaches to improve customer relationship management. One important tactic is to provide experiential clues that help customers to remember their experiences in a favorable light. This type of “sticky” recollection fends off the human tendency to invent negative details to fill gaps in memory. One useful way to view the nature of the relationship between customers and a brand is to gauge the levels of love and respect between the parties. In this framework, a brand needs to match customers’ desires for both of those relationship aspects. Customers who feel high levels of both love and respect for a brand are likely to be lucrative long-term patrons.


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