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Select Research on People from the 2014 Cornell Hospitality Research Summit

Technology is essential, data has become indispensable, and organizations remain fundamental, but people—both employees and customers—have been and will continue to be the core element of the hospitality and service industries. The Cornell Hospitality Research Summit (CHRS) held in October 2014 was organized to examine service innovation in a new light, focusing on a scientific and disciplined approach to the topic. This is the final report in the series of four that feature expanded summaries of select research on service innovation based on CHRS presentations. This third report highlights innovative strategies related to people—both employees and customers—including the differences in how customers view tangible and intangible premiums connected to a service experience, the effect of culture on innovation, and the differential approach that women take to service businesses, as compared to other industries.

This report highlights research presentation from the summit addressing service experiences and women entrepreneurs:
• “Managing Service Experience with Experiential vs. Material Complimentary Premiums,” by HaeEun Helen Chun and Yue Woon Hiang (page 3)
• “Women Entrepreneurs in the Consumer Services Sector,” by Michele Williams (page 8)
• Implications of National Culture for Incremental and Radical Service Innovation, by Muge Yayla- Kullu, Jeffrey Durgee, Adelina Gnanlet, Christopher McDermott, and Praowpan Tansitpong (page 13)
• “The Use of Video and Storyboard Experiments to Test Service Innovations,” by Michael Dixon, Liana Victorino, Rob Kwortnik, and Rohit Verma (page 16)


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