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The electrical outage in the summer of 2003 that interrupted power to thousands of hotels wrought a variety of facilities failures and service-process problems. Fortunately, strong service-recovery efforts from hotel employees mitigated the worst of the blackout’s effects. Using survey data from hotel managers who experienced the blackout, this study highlights those employee actions that most contributed to immediate service recovery; however, the study also reveals limited organizational learning or efforts to failsafe hospitality service from the eventuality of future power failures.


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© Taylor & Francis. Final version published as: Kwortnik, R. J. (2006). Shining examples of service when the lights went out: Hotel employees and service recovery during the blackout of 2003. Journal of Hospitality and Leisure Marketing, 14(2), 23-45.
doi: 10.1300/J150v14n02_03
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