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Although procedures for assessing content validity have been widely publicized for many years, Hinkin noted that there continue to be problems with the content validity of measures used in organizational research. Anderson and Gerbing, and Schriesheim, Powers, Scandura, Gardiner, and Lankau discussed the problems associated with typical content validity assessment and presented techniques that can be used to assess the empirical distinctiveness of a set of survey items. This article reviews these techniques and presents an analysis of variance procedure that can provide a higher degree of confidence in determining item integrity and scale content validity. The utility of this technique is demonstrated by using two samples and two different measures.


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© SAGE. DOI:10.1177/109442819922004. Final version published as: Hinkin, T. R., and Tracey, J. B. (1999). An analysis of variance approach to content validation. Organizational Research Methods, 2(2), 175-186. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.