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Prior research examines customer satisfaction in retailing and e-commerce settings, yet online financial services have received little research attention. To understand customer satisfaction with this fast-growing service, this study investigates the role of flow experience, a sensation that occurs as a result of significant cognitive involvement. The study examines how service system characteristics affect the cognitive states of the flow experience, which determines customer satisfaction. The flow construct and total experience design suggest a structural model that is empirically tested using responses from a large sample of online investors. In support of the model and most of the hypotheses it suggests, the empirical results clarify the important antecedents and consequence of flow experience in online financial services and suggest the viability of using a dual-layer experience construct to investigate customer satisfaction. These findings can help researchers and service providers understand when, where, and how flow experience is formulated in online financial services.


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© SAGE. DOI: 10.1177/1094670509350674. Final version published as: Ding, X. D., Hu, P. J., Verma, R., & Wardell, D. G. (2010). The impact of service system design and flow experience on customer satisfaction in online financial services. Journal of Service Research, 13(1), 96-110. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.