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[Excerpt] U.S. hotels have a reasonably solid panoply of safety and security equipment—but there also are surprising gaps.

Among the many outcomes of the terrible events of September 11, 2001, is a renewed interest in the safety and security of hotels. This has always been an important issue, but it has become a top-of-the-mind matter for hotel guests and managers alike. For one thing, experts have warned that hotels themselves may become targets of terrorism. In response to those concerns, some hotel operators have created new security procedures, such as conducting more detailed background checks on their employees. Hilton Hotels now requires customers to show a photo ID on check in, for instance, while Starwood Hotels and Resorts has raised security standards in its parking garages. Industry experts have added their advice to the discussion by urging hotel operators to revise and update their safety and security plans for providing a safe environment for guests.


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