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This paper examines some of the antecedents, processes and effects of independent franchisee associations (IndFAs) and the reactions of franchisors to their organization. Specifically, we draw on various literatures to pose propositions relating to the following research questions: (1) Are there fundamental differences between associations whose focus is based on disagreements relating to strategic actions of the franchisor and those whose focus is perceived opportunistic behavior on the part of the franchisor? (2) Does the way these IndFAs are treated by the franchisor - post inception - affect members’ identification with the group and/or franchisor? (3) Does the existence of a franchisee advisory council influence the willingness of the franchisor to legitimize an IndFA? (4) How does the size of the IndFA influence identification? We then present a conceptual model and use two illustrative examples from the business literature to explore our propositions.


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© Taylor & Francis. Final version published as: Lawrence, B., & Kaufmann, P. J. (2010). Franchisee association: Strategic focus or response to franchisor opportunism. Journal of Marketing Channels, 17(2), 137-155. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.