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In this article, we discuss the importance of a coordinated marketing and operations strategy in goods and service producing business organizations. Customer engagement and co-production are imperative service delivery considerations, and therefore an aligned marketing and operations strategy is essential for the formulation, development, and effectiveness of managerial decisions especially for service sector firms.

We present arguments in support of this paper’s primary objectives by reviewing past research that have introduced theoretical frameworks, empirical support and applications in support of the close coordination between marketing and operations strategy. We then describe how the interrelationship between marketing and operations strategy impacts several managerial decisions.

We discuss several different types of managerial decisions within goods and service producing firms that require active interaction between marketing and operations. These decisions include aligning strategic priorities, new product development, service design, and experience design.

Research Limitations/Implications (if applicable)
This paper is primarily theoretical and therefore does not include any new empirical data.

Practical Implications (if applicable)
The inter-relationship between the marketing and operations functions is well known to practicing managers. However, they may not have a specific understanding of the academic research described in this paper that shows how firm performance can be further improved by better managing these interactions for specific managerial decisions.

This paper is theoretical and provides a comprehensive review of literature and a compelling argument for including marketing and operations strategy in the corporate executive suite. Therefore, this paper should be of interest to researchers and practitioners interested in the functional areas of marketing, operations, and strategy for service organizations.


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© Emerald. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. Final version published as: Dixon, M., Karniouchina, E. V., van der Rhee, B., Verma, R., & Victorino, L. (2014) The role of coordinated marketing-operations strategy in services: Implications for managerial decisions and execution. Journal of Service Management, 25(2), 275-294. doi: 10.1108/JOSM-02-2014-0060