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[Excerpt] In 2017, the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (CQ) received 262 new submissions with 258 receiving editorial decisions within the year. Thirty-eight manuscripts were accepted for publication last year. Some of the new submission are still under invited revision and some of the acceptances were of manuscripts originally submitted in 2016, so dividing 38 by 258 to get an acceptance rate is not fully appropriate, but it does provide a reasonable approximation of the journal’s acceptance rate. By that calculation, CQ’s acceptance rate was 15% last year. Sixty percent of new submissions were desk-rejected last year—usually within 2 days of submission. Of those new submissions sent out for review, the average time until initial editorial decisions was 30 days. Only one or two revisions were sent back out for review last year, so the average time until an editorial decision on R&Rs was less than 3 days. More details about last year’s submissions and editorial decisions are provided in Tables 1 and 2.


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