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[Excerpt] Interest in managing workforce diversity in the hospitality industry has grown steadily over the past several decades. Women, for example, are entering service industries and moving into managerial positions at an unprecedented rate (Del Sesto, 1993); the percentage of older workers has also risen (DeMicco & Reid, 1988; Sillies, DeMicco, Kavanaugh, & Mann, 1994). Furthermore, the introduction of legislation in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act presents new challenges as innovative programs are put into place to accommodate disabled employees (Woods & Kavanaugh, 1992; Smith, 1992). As our world becomes a global village, members of the hospitality workforce will require skills and attitudes that foster understanding and collaboration between individuals with different values and perspectives (Christensen, 1993; Gamio & Sneed, 1992; Griffin, 1992; Mill, 1994; Powers, 1992).


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