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Purpose: Predicting leadership demonstrates how assessment centers can be designed to meet the extended goals of assessing three broad-based and particularly critical indicators of hospitality leadership effectiveness: the ability to respond to change, the ability to foster trust, and the ability to create inclusive work environments.

Design/methodology/approach: A literature review reveals the most critical hospitality leadership needs in times of rapid and continuous change, and supports the assessment center approach as a means of judging key leadership competencies. The steps involved in developing a center to assess three particularly critical leadership competencies are outlined and challenges noted.

Findings: The assessment center is shown to be a valuable means of both assessing and predicting leadership talent beyond the scope normally associated with this method.

Practical implications: Assessment center methods can be extended to accomplish the organization’s most important goal – preparing for, and responding to, future leadership requirements.

Originality/value: The paper is of value to both academic and practitioner readers interested in leadership development. It provides a rationale and practical guide for assessment center design and implementation.


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