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Previous work investigating the dimensionality of psychological constructs has assumed a fixed-effects model, in which one true correlation describes the relationship between two given dimensions. We challenge this assumption by showing how a random-effects model may aid in representing individual perceptions of multidimensional constructs. Using the Pay Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ), we demonstrate that the relationships that individuals hold between the (purported) dimensions of the PSQ are predictable by cognitive complexity, pay level satisfaction, pay level, and interactions; we also show how between-dimension variation assists in establishing criterion-related validity.


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© SAGE. Final version published as: Sturman, M. C., & Carraher, S. M. (2007). Using a random-effects model to test differing conceptualizations of multidimensional constructs. Organizational Research Methods, 10(1), 108-135. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.