About the Repository

The Scholarly Commons offers electronic access to unique material that both reflects and supports the scholarly community of the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. It is curated and maintained by the Nestlé Library, and contains not only works selected from the scholarly output of School of Hotel Administration faculty, centers, and institutes, but also additional materials vital to the research of scholars and practitioners within the fields of business, hospitality management, real estate, and other fields in which the School of Hotel Administration is a leader.

The Scholarly Commons thus makes available working papers, reports, conference presentations, journal articles, and more. It also includes collections of digital material selected by the reference librarians and archivists, out of a growing concern over the loss of born digital materials and grey literature and the desire to ensure access to these resources for current and future students, faculty, and researchers.

The repository provides a single, easily navigable source and features customized email alerts, full text searches, and personalized saved searches.

The Library is committed to the long term accessibility of all items in the Scholarly Commons: each item is assigned a persistent URL, and metadata records are maintained even for withdrawn content. There are no access restrictions for any content housed within the repository, and all content may be freely accessed by search engines.

For questions, comments, and inquiries about the Scholarly Commons, contact the Nestlé Library at .

About the School of Hotel Administration

Founded in 1922, Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration was the first collegiate program in hospitality management. Today it is regarded as the world leader in its field.

The school's highly talented and motivated students learn from 60 full-time faculty members—all experts in their chosen disciplines, and all dedicated to teaching, research and service. Learning takes place in state-of-the-art classrooms, in the on campus Statler Hotel, and in varied industry settings around the world. The result: a supremely accomplished alumni group—corporate executives and entrepreneurs who advance the industry and share their wisdom and experience with our students and faculty.

The Cornell School of Hotel Administration offers a combination of inspired classroom teaching and innovative practical experiences. As the only Ivy League business-management program to focus on hospitality, we actively prepare students to be leaders in a dynamic global industry.

The School of Hotel Administration is an independent academic college within Cornell University, giving it the ability to adjust its curriculum and services to keep pace with changes in the hospitality industry. Our students reap the benefits of this flexible, intellectually-rich, and creative environment.